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Kroozie XL –  Stainless Steel Bicycle Cup Holder with Horizontal Bar Clamp and Steel Hardware. Perfect for beach cruisers, classic bicycles, electric bicycles and comfort bikes. Also works great on boats, strollers or any horizontal bar with a diameter of 5/8” to 1-3/8”.


  • Extra Wide Double Wall Stainless Steel Cup
  • New Duel Screw Clamp Design for the Perfect Grip
  • Clear Coated for Maximum Durability
  • Dual Foam Inserts Provide Custom Fit for Your Drink
  • 2 sets of Steel Hardware for smaller and larger bars
  • Fits Drinks 12oz to 48oz+
  • Protected under US Patent #10,309,584

Color:  Flat Black

Finish:  Powder Coat / Matte

Fits On:  Any Horizontal, Vertical or Any Angle Bar with diameter of 5/8” to 1-3/8”

Holds:  All Size Drinks and Thermoses 12-48oz+, Water Bottles, Any Size Tumbler, Large and Small Tapered Cups, Plastic Cups, Coffee Cups, Large Fountain Drinks, Keys, Snacks, Phone, Bluetooth Speaker, Wallet , Deck of Cards and way more.